Marking comparison symbols for translation?

In Maps, I’m working on a search view for nearby POIs. There I have added distances to the results. But since showing very short distances doesn’t make much sense, as those are anyway an approximation (it is based on “as the crow flies” distance, not actual walking distances, as calculating those “on the fly” would not be feasable).

So, for this I have set a limit at 100 m (or 300 ft when using Imperial) where it just shows e.g. “< 100 m” (src/placeListRow.js · wip/mlundblad/poi-search · GNOME / gnome-maps · GitLab).

Currently these just template strings with hard-coded “<” symbols.

Would it make sense to mark this for translation? I’m thinking maybe the spacing could be different (perhaps in some languages the < would be shown without a space before the number). And maybe in some cases, using an alternative symbol could be desirable?

You should usually translate the whole paragraph or line where possible. Some languages are right to left, so the ‘<’ symbol is reversed. Also, it is theoretically possible for a language to have a word or a letter that goes before the ‘<’ symbol even though none exist in English.


Yeah, this makes sense.

At first I thought, as digits are printed left-to-right also in e.g. Arabic and Hebrew (apart for the actual words, that are RTL) that maybe the < would be the same. But ofcourse that would be reversed, since the order of the items compared would still be rendered in the RTL order :slight_smile:

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