Man Pages for Glib instead of DevHelp or

How can I get regular Unix man pages for glib functions instead of relying on or devhelp?

I noticed that gtk-doc does have gtkdoc-mkman, but I haven’t seen much documentation for how to use this, and I do have the debian gtk-doc-tools package installed which includes gtkdoc-mkman

When building glib with:

meson setup build -Dgtk_doc=true

HTML documentation is generated under build/docs/reference/html however I don’t see any man pages generated.

Seems like there must be a straight-foward way to use gtkdoc-mkman to build manual pages for glib and other gnome libraries.

Anyone know the way?

The gnome.gtkdoc wrapper in Meson does not call gtkdoc-mkman, so nothing will ever build man pages unless it’s part of a custom target.

I doubt anybody has ever actually tested the man page support on anything the size of GLib, so it’s not even known if gtkdoc-mkman works, let alone its output. On top of that, gtk-doc is mostly unmaintained these days, so it’s unclear whether fixes would be merged.

In practice, given the size of GLib or GTK, man pages would be massive: we are talking about thousands of symbols. Man pages would also be a very poor substitute for Devhelp, given the lack of cross-referencing.


I would be interested in the man pages too. I don’t think that their size matters.

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