Making custom widgets accessible

We have several custom widgets that have internal states such as TRANSMITTING, POLLING, RESETING etc that are not GTK states. Nonetheless I would like to make these internal states Accessible. The docs suggest that custom components can be made accessible but no examples are provided as far as I can see.

Any advise on how to proceed would be much appreciated.

That guide is old, and should not really be followed unless you fall into a time hole, and end up writing code targeting early GNOME 2 releases.

It is extremely unlikely your application’s “transmitting”, “polling”, and “resetting” states are accessible states—and you cannot add those states anyway. You’re probably referring to accessible descriptions, so that assistive technologies can read the current state to the people using your application.

Which version of GTK are you using?

Thanks for your prompt response @ebassi .

I am using GTK3.

I could use accessible descriptions to indicate internal widget states too. We are using the accessible functionality for gui testing not in an assistive application.

There is another widget that progressively displays image information column-by-column and it would be nice to have a test monitor the widget. I guess I could update the accessible description at each column update or would you suggest an alternative course of action? The AtkImage interface perhaps?

Description updates are definitely simpler, I’d say.

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