Making AdwPasswordEntryRow insensitive from its signal results in "GtkText - did not receive a focus-out event."

I have a GtkBox in popup with AdwEntryRow and AdwPasswordEntryRow for username+password entry along with some other controls that let user login into external web service that my application allows to interface with.

When my login callback is executed, I set sensitivity of parent GtkBox to false for the duration of login attempt. This works perfectly well when called from clicked signal of a button, but doing this from either apply or entry-activated of AdwPasswordEntryRow produces the following warning in console:

Gtk-WARNING **: 18:52:52.971: GtkText - did not receive a focus-out event.
If you handle this event, you must return
GDK_EVENT_PROPAGATE so the default handler
gets the event as well

The warning goes away if I don’t make container non-sensitive and wasn’t there in GTK3 (I’m in the process of porting to GTK4). It appears as well if I make just AdwPasswordEntryRow insensitive instead of its parent. Replacing password entry with GtkPasswordEntry does not fix the issue either. Is what I’m doing unsupported or is this a bug in gtk/libadwaita?

Sounds like a GTK bug, yes.

Alright then, I’ve created an issue report in GTK’s bug tracker with minimal example to reproduce the problem.