Make window always inactive, always on top, and on all workspaces, is this possible?

Hey all, In Gnome. I’d like to be able to set a small window to always on top on all work-spaces, but not the active window. I can do “always on top on all work-spaces”. However, switching work-spaces always makes the on top window active. Which means I have to always switch to the window I was working with on each work space as I switch back and forth. It’s not a big deal if I were navigating around with a mouse. However, I am using a keyboard to switch workspaces. Each time I switch the workspace, the “always on-top” window becomes the active window and so I end up typing in the “always on-top” window. I can alt+tab to the window I need each time I switch workspaces, but if there is a setting I can set to avoid this it would be great. Any way I can mark the always on top window as, always inactive?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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What you’re looking for is probably related to the defunct GDesklets / Screenlets

What are you actually trying to achieve ?

I can see this as very useful myself. Rather than just describe the window behavior as lloydbond has, I can talk about a single worthwhile use case, not exhaustive of the possibilities.

A “sticky note” app would benefit by visibility across all desktops, always above other windows in the visible stack, and otherwise obeying a focus-on click.

It would be easy to hypothesize a user workflow that could benefit from similar window assignment, using a general notes app, a graphical text editor, or even a Console/Terminal session. In fact, If I could do this with a Discord app or a Tootle Flatpak, it’d be very useful and I would be pleased.

I hope this is helpful. I’d welcome this behavior,

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