Make-nn doesn't translate all sentenses

I’m translating GIMP Help Master into Norwegian Nynorsk (nn).
When I run “make html-nn” some of my translations are not transferred to the html files but are displayed in English. What am I doing wrong?

The po files are downloaded from “…”. The command “make” with “git clone https …” from gitlab. All translated po files validated with “make validate-nn” and “” without errors. (The same happens with some files in Help 2.10).

The Makefiles were made at a time when the po files were still updated whenever the source documentation files were updated.

We don’t do that anymore, because the translations are only updated through DamnedLies.

A consequence of this is that the Makefile sometimes doesn’t notice when po/pot files need to be updated, they get out of sync.

To fix this, you can use touch to update the timestamp of all files in the /src folder before running the Makefile.

e.g. like this in a script:

cd ~/gimp-help/src

#Mark all source files as updated...
find . -type f -exec touch {} +

Many thanks for the quick reply and the explanation.
Unfortunately, this does not work. Some of the texts (the same as before I think) are still in English.
I ran your suggestions and all the xml files in gimp-help/src and the pot files in gimp-help/pot were updated in date and time. Then I ran make xml-nn and make html-nn. (As this is a test I didn’t validated the files).

In that case, please open an issue in gimp-help with links to some of the pages that have untranslated strings that should have been translated, and point out the exact paragraphs.

Based on your information that the files are up to date on DamnedLies, I started from scratch with git clone … etc. Saved my po files again and copied over to gimp-help. Now it works! The xml files are in Norwegian. Thank you a lot.

Next time try this: also delete the /xml dir entirely, then do make as usual …

Thank you, Marco. I will (if it happens again).

I translated “gimp-help.tutorial-doc.gimp-help-2-10.nn.po” and put this into my gitlab files as “tutorial.po”. Ran “make xml-nn” as normal, but some sentenses where still in English in the xml file. (nn = Norwegian Nynorsk).
I ran your suggestion mentioned above and also removed the xml files as Marco suggests, but no change.
I started over with git clone … . Loaded “gimp-help.tutorial-doc.gimp-help-2-10.nn.po” (named “tutorial.po”) into the file system and ran “make xml-nn” again. No change. I think “make xml” creates the pot files from the po files. Got a wild idea and translated “tutorial.pot” and saved as “tutorial.po”. This time “make xml-nn” worked as aspected and everything was translated.
I don’t understand any of this and don’t know how “make xml” figures out what to pass to the xml files. (I don’t even find the program).
The question is, can I change the name of “tutoral.po” and safely upload it to DamnedLies? (“” returned no errors).

Did you check out the 2.10 branch when adding your tutorial.po file? There probably are some differences with the master branch (which targets 2.99/3.0) so if you compared to the master branch, it is expected to see some untranslated parts.

make is a command available in MSYS2/cygwin that works on the Makefile-s created in your build directory. We know that it is not working optimally since po files don’t get updated with the source xml files, but I’d rather wait until we can move away from autotools to meson than investing a lot of time in updating the makefiles.

Changing tutorial.pot to tutorial.po and using that without understanding the underlying problem does not seem to be the best course of action to me. Besides that, this is really a question for DamnedLies or your language team.

Many thanks for the answer
I translate both Master (2.99, gimp-help) and Stable (2.10, gimp-help-2) but I don’t mix them.

I’ll make an attempt to study the variants of the makefile (couldn’t find makefile-s) with a hope of understanding something. I haven’t programmed since the days of BASIC and Pascal.

Then I won’t upload my files until we find a solution. The team consists of only two people, so there will probably be a question for DamnedLies.

It would probably be better to commit the translation based on the po file on Damned Lies.
Then after it is in our repository and the website is updated, open an issue in our issue tracker with links to the online pages where the missing translations can be found.

That way we can investigate the reason why a certain translation isn’t being used.