Make Gnome (wayland) display settings persistent without asking


I know, I can change the display settings of gnome w. wayland using d-bus.
When changing the settings, they’re not persistent and only valid for the current session.

When setting the setting persistent, Gnome w. Wayland asks me, if I want to keep the changes or undo them.

Is there a way, to make the settings via d-bus persistent, without having Gnome asking me, if I want to keep the changes?
Reference-Issue to gnome-randr-rust: [Question / Feature Request] Make changes persistent without having to allow via gnome-dialog · Issue #22 · maxwellainatchi/gnome-randr-rust · GitHub

Above program is a rust-software, that aims to imitate xrandr behaviour, but for gnome on wayland.

~ Veldora

See data/dbus-interfaces/org.gnome.Mutter.DisplayConfig.xml · 44.1 · GNOME / mutter · GitLab. You can see how it’s used for a command line utility that seems to do more or less what gnome-randr-rust does here: gnome-monitor-config/gmc-display-test.c at master · jadahl/gnome-monitor-config · GitHub

Sorry, missed this part. No, there is no such way. You could probably implement avoiding it as an extension, but that’d mean it would do the same for Settings, for better or worse.

Thank you for your answer.
I’ll try to have a look into, if an extension is possible.

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