Make GNOME blogs more accessible

I came across GNOME blogs ( ) where GNOME devs post their thoughts and opinions.

Though they are unofficial blogs, they’re interesting to read and I find them to be very useful and informative.

But, I don’t find them accessible. Meaning the blogs are not categorized by date / popularity / comments / topic / technology across users like GNOME discourse. I find GNOME discourse to be very good in this aspect.

Communication is an important part of an organization, and I think blogs are an important part of that. Apart from the regular discussions in Gitlab bug reports / merge requests / matrix and the Q/A in GNOME discourse, I think the blogs have their own space in GNOME and it should be actively promoted and maintained.


  • Is there a way to index / tag the existing blogs, and present them in a more accessible way to the user ?

Some interesting blogs:

  1. Tobias Bernard’s Blog:

    For anyone new to GNOME and wants to know how GNOME works, or anyone who wants to see a particular feature added to GNOME, these blogs should be handy.

    Community Power Part 1: Misconceptions
    Community Power Part 2: The Process
    Community Power Part 3: Just Do It!
    Community Power Part 4: The GNOME Way
    Community Power Part 5: First Steps

  2. Michael Catanzaro’s Blog:

    For anyone wanting to submit quality crash information while creating issues in Gitlab / Github / Bugzilla, this blog should be handy.

    Creating Quality Backtraces for Crash Reports

  3. Sophie’s Blog:

    Viewing Images in GNOME: Loupe and Glycin

  4. Felipe Borges’s Blog:

    An update on GNOME Settings

Note: These are just some blogs which I came across at random in the last few days, since I could not decide what to read as the blogs are not properly indexed, as mentioned above.


Actually, why do we even have Isn’t that what planet gnome is for? What makes them different?

Not all blogs on are aggregated on Planet GNOME.

Anybody with a Foundation membership can ask for a blog to be hosted on; projects, too, can be hosted there. Planet GNOME has more specific rules than “it’s a blog by a foundation member or a GNOME project”.

Ah, that explains it. It’s not very obvious though.

Yeah, Planet GNOME predates the existence of, and the editorial rules of Planet are not excessively prominent. Should probably end up in the handbook that will replace the wiki.

All of those blogs are syndicated on Planet GNOME, which is the recommended source for reading personal blogs from GNOME contributors, and it has been for nearly 20 years.

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Thanks for the clarification. I think this should be advertised better.

Most folks know what a blog means, but not what means. That’s something very specific to GNOME.

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