Make filter to forward emails as attachments

Is there a way to adjust the filters to forward spam/scam emails as attachments? One of my wife’s email addresses must have been exposed and she is suddenly getting 70 or more spam emails each day and they’re increasing. I normally manually forward them as attachments to several spam reporting organizations. That’s out of the question with so many emails per day. I need to be able to automate forwarding each spam as an attachment.
I’m using evolution on Debian 12 on a laptop and my wife is on Debian 12 on a desktop. We share all of our email accounts so I can set the filter up on my side or hers.
I prefer to edit the filter.xml file directly with bluefish rather than enter each item through the evolution interface if that helps. I use evolution to initialize each filter, then for additions I edit with bluefish. I kinda know my way around but I’m no expert.

Thank you

I’m afraid the only way is to Pipe To Program and construct the
forwarded message in a script, somehow. The “Forward to” does not
consider the forward type from Edit->Preferences->Composer Preferences.
I do not know what version of Evolution Debian 12 provides, maybe it’s
3.50.x. It does not matter much here, because 3.52.x (the current
stable series) is on the same side. I’m sorry.

Ouch. I wonder if this qualifies as a feature request to the evo devs? How would I go about presenting this to the evo devs?
Thanks Milan