MaintainersCorner/Releasing and automate some steps

It’s a follow-up of this topic: Changing the way GNOME modules are released

I’ve reworked a lot the MaintainersCorner/Releasing wiki page, to hopefully make it more digest, and extract out some content to sub-pages, without altering the steps in themselves.

A new maintainer can read these instructions in detail, while I think most maintainers don’t read that page anyway, they know well the steps or have their own (shorter) checklist. But you can also skim through the page to look at the keywords.

There is room for automation, to (semi-)automate some steps, at least with some scripts to run locally (low-hanging fruit). And then looking at what the script did to validate that it’s correct, to not upload a borked tarball.

If not already done, maintainers can reduce the number of steps, see MaintainersCorner/Releasing/MakeThingsEasier. I think there was a consensus about those in the earlier topic.

Some tasks cannot be fully automated, like writing a summary in the NEWS file, although there are scripts to have a good starting point. Writing a summary is valuable, and a machine cannot do all work for us.

Comments? Suggestions? (note that I’m not part of the release team, just a maintainer, and nothing is set in stone).

Some stats for that page, before/after my recent edits: the number of lines increased by 54% and the number of bytes decreased by 31%, which suggests that the previous text was more a wall of text (condensed).

Thanks: the instructions look nice and simple.

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