Lower window with middle-click


I’m asking here for help as I cannot reach my usability goal. I’ve installed the latest Ubuntu version (21.04) on my fresh new computer and I cannot now lower all window types using the “middle-click” mouse button on the window titlebars as I was used to do on earlier version.

I’ve checked this specific setting in Gnome-Tweaks -> Window Titlebars -> Middle-Click = Lower and it’s fine.

I said “all window types” because some are working like Thunderbird or Atom are correctly send to back of the window stack on middle click, but it doesn’t work on :

  • Firefox
  • Nautilus
  • Gedit
  • Gnome-Tweaks
  • Gmome-Terminal

Is this a bug in Gnome 3.38.5? Or just a probable mis-configuration? It used to work well on 3.36.8. I have the same issue on my work computer with Fedora and Gnome 3.38.3.

To be noted, if in Gnome-Tweak I set the middle-Click to “Menu”, then the menu perfectly open on all above listed applications. So Middle-Click is “well detected”.

Also what is the Gnome component name responsible for managing the windows stack, is it Metacity? I’m asking as it will permit to open a bug in case it is really one…


Wayland clients cannot manipulate the stacking order themselves (in this case: lower themselves below other windows). A protocol that would allow that is discussed here.

Thanks @fmuellner I’ve disabled Wayland and it’s now working as expected.

Too bad the discussion over there ended 9 months ago. After switching from KDE/X11 I realize that I made heavy use of Alt-Leftclick to raise or lower windows. Gnome 40’s shell has a keyboard shortcut (“Raise window if covered, otherwise lower it”) and I’d love to map this to Alt-Leftclick which is way faster for me.

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