Looking to hire a GNOME developer

This will be a short-term project that could lead to long-term employment. EDIT: Apparently, you can send private messages on here, so PM me if you are interested.

Maybe just make a job offering on a website somewhere, and then spread the message of that job offering through the social platforms that most GNOME devs use. (Mastodon, Matrix, and so on)


“GNOME developer” seems too vague a description. I agree to post a job description/spec somewhere that people can refer to; it will save everyone time.


As @gregorni mentioned, the GNOME community uses the decentralized Matrix platform heavily for 1-to1 communication and group chats. GNOME’s main room there is #gnome:gnome.org.

If it is an interesting job the details should be posted publicly. I don’t like “I have vague task, message me if interested”, that is just spam.


A message posted on Matrix (or any other chat platform) would be easily lost with all the other messages. Here with the job tag it’s easier to find afterwards. But nothing prevents from posting on Matrix too of course.

Calling it spam because it lacks details: well, it would have been nicer to be more constructive, and ask for example if it’s for gnome-shell or if it’s for developing an application with GTK, what programming language(s), etc.

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