Looking for volunteers for the Newcomer's Workshop @ GUADEC 2022

The Newcomers Workshop is an event format we conduct in GUADEC and other events where we help new contributors make their first code contribution to GNOME. We help them go step-by-step through the GNOME Newcomers Guide making sure nobody gets stuck on anything.

If you are a newcomer attending GUADEC in person, this is a great opportunity to get started developing GNOME.

If you are a GNOME developer attending GUADEC in person, your help mentoring newcomers and answering questions at the workshop would be much appreciated. Extra points if you speak a little Spanish since GUADEC 2022 is taking place in Mexico and we are hoping for many local first-time attendees to join the conference.

Please, reply to this thread if you are interested/available to help with the newcomer’s workshop.

I am looking forward to seeing you all!


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