Looking for training/consultancy on developing high-quality GNOME proprietary apps

Hey there! I work for a company interested in doubling down their GNU/Linux support through a more native and well-integrated GNOME desktop app. While we have experience in other platforms, finding best practices for developing high-quality GNOME apps has not been easy in terms of resources, etc.

Is anybody on the GNOME community offering training/consultancy to companies around this?


Hello Juan :grinning: It’s amazing that your company is looking into this. I don’t know about anyone currently offering these services. When it comes to finding best practices, what sort of things would you be looking for?

I’m one of the co-maintainers of libadwaita, our GNOME platform library, and I would love to help fill in any gaps in our resources. I can also recommend https://developer.gnome.org/ as a good starting point.


Hey @christopherdavis ,

When it comes to finding best practices, what sort of things would you be looking for?

It’s mostly the unknown-unknowns that we are wondering about. Recent areas of research has been opening external resources through something like xdg-open, interacting with certain services through DBus, how to make sure we support both X11 and Wayland, interacting with the GNOME Keyring, and many more.

As none of us have ever developed for GNOME directly (other than through i.e. Electron, etc which isolated us from most of it so far), questions keep popping up, so we were wondering about whether taking a step back and getting a proper introduction to GNOME development would help clarify lots of these unknowns.

and I would love to help fill in any gaps in our resources.

Thanks a lot. That’d be great. Let’s stay in touch and see how it goes. We are definitely interested in supporting individual developers like you, or GNOME in general for this kind of help.

There are several consultancy companies that provide professional services around GNOME and GTK.

And probably others.

There are also consultancy companies specializing on multimedia (GStreamer etc).


By the way, the gtk.org website used to list such companies, but the page seems to be absent in the new version of the website.

This is amazing. Thank you! We’ll be checking some of these out. Sounds like the gtk.org website should start listing these companies back :slight_smile:

system76 - The maker/maintainers of popos is a smaller company and may be open to consulting.

Interesting, thanks for sharing that.

I’d like to suggest that we avoid antagonizing one of the very few companies that sell GNOME computers.

That said, System76 is not a consultancy. Here’s another GNOME consultancy that hasn’t been mentioned yet: https://www.codethink.co.uk/. All the consultancies mentioned here have experience with GNOME software development and they’re a good choice if you’re looking for experienced developers. (I used to work for Igalia. They’re smart.) Consultancies won’t be cheap, though.

For simple questions, this Discourse instance or GNOME’s various matrix rooms are good bets.


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