Looking for the example(s) of the hamburger icon with menu in Vala

I’m looking for the example for the hamburger icon with menu in Vala and GTK4 that open some options like we have in GNOME Text Editor. I know, when you create a new project with GNOME Builder you’ll get the code for the same. But, I’m looking for the example code without XML.

I checked the UI Components docs page. But, there Menus example are not there (not linked).

P.S. if it includes some useful description, that it more than helpful.

Are you looking for GMenu with GAction? For that there was once this thread, and I created a Nim GTK3 example once. Should be similar for GTK4 and Vala:

How to create menus for apps using Python?

GitHub - StefanSalewski/gintro: High level GObject-Introspection based GTK3/GTK4 bindings for Nim language

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