Looking for a new maintainer for "Sushi"

I’m looking into handing over the maintanership of Sushi (aka NautilusPreviewer, aka the thing you see when you press [SPACE] while selecting a file in GNOME Files/Nautilus).

Unfortunately lots of things have changed in my personal and professional life in the last year or so and I no longer have the time to dedicate to Sushi. I had plans to modernize its codebase, improve its viewers, and expand it to support previewing even more file types. I see that users like Sushi and I would be sad to see it retired. I’m not abandoning the project and I will stick around until someone else steps up.

If anyone is interested in helping, Sushi lives at https://gitlab.gnome.org/gnOME/sushi/, and it is mostly written in Gjs with some specific bits done in C. I can certainly help with making releases and onboarding the project


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