Looking for a GSoC mentor about PyGObject

Hi, I want to contribute to PyGObject as a GSoC project.

I reached out on GNOME GSoC and GNOME Python matrix rooms. From GNOME GSoC room, I was rightfully pointed towards GNOME Python room. However, there is not much activity happening in GNOME Python room. So, here I am.

I’m already porting and modernizing examples/demos to GTK4. But that won’t solve issues with the bindings themselves. Even though I’ll keep working on examples/demos, for GSoC, I want to fix issues with PyGObject itself.

I also fixed a 2 year old bug and Arjan Molenaar reviewed the MR and green lit it. Although, it is yet to be merged.

This is my final semester and I’ll be free when the summer holidays start. I want to work on PyGObject but there is no idea submitted to Internship Project Ideas about it. So, if someone does choose to mentor, submitting the idea to the idea list would be the first thing we’ll need to do.

If anyone is interested in mentoring, I’ll be grateful.

Don’t worry. If you choose to mentor me, I won’t bother you too much.

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