Long delay of ~25 seconds with gnome-terminal preferences dialog box with gdm not lightdm

Hi I have been having a problem with gnome-terminal with my linux installations that I installed from a rootfs tarball. These were void linux and gentoo. The problem is with the gnome-terminal preferences dialog window taking 25 seconds delay before it appears on the screen, the first time after logging in and clicking on that menu item for “Preferences” in gnome-terminal. It is usually only the first time after logging in using gdm

I installed void linux using the void-installer program instead and I do not have this issue. I could not find what the configuration was as in /etc, that the void linux installer program performs, that it works correctly, in that installation.

Using lightdm to login, the issue doesn’t happen. The preferences window shows up with no delay.

I did not have this issues on Debian or Fedora either using gdm to login.

The problem occurs when I click on the “Preferences” item in gnome-terminal. Then it delays for 25 seconds before appearing “Preferences”.

Update: I found that if I kill the gnome-keyring-daemon process before launching gnome-terminal the delay doesn’t happen. But it works with lightdm with the gnome-keyring-daemon left alone.

Update: I found that if I uninstall all the xdg portal packages in my void installation, it also works without this issue. But this is a GNOME session. Not KDE.

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