Location of libsecret database

I’m using the git-credential-libsecret credential helper and it’s working fine. But I can’t manage these credentials with seahorse . When I change a git credential (personal access token) the new credential takes effect, but I can’t see any of this in seahorse or see a related file in .local/share/keyrings. Is this expected?


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I just generated a personal access token on gitlab.gnome.org (with name “patsy”), added

        helper = libsecret

in my local .git/config, then did “git push”, was prompted

Username for 'https://gitlab.gnome.org': patsy
Password for 'https://patsy@gitlab.gnome.org': <token>

and now it shows, e.g. with secret-tool

$ secret-tool search user patsy
label = Git: https://gitlab.gnome.org/
secret = <token>
created = 2020-09-14 14:20:46
modified = 2020-09-14 14:20:46
schema = org.gnome.keyring.NetworkPassword
attribute.protocol = https
attribute.user = patsy
attribute.server = gitlab.gnome.org

or in Seahorse


Yes, this is pilot error. Sorry for the trouble.

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