ListViewText remove rows from list

Hello all,

I am on gtkmm-4.0 and I have a list view defined as ;

Gtk::ListViewText m_ListViewText;

which then can be read and written with;

m_ListViewText.get_text(row, column, string);


m_ListViewText.set_text(row, column, string);

what I am trying to accomplish is to remove a specific row, preferably highlighted or somehow chosen on demand. I can remove all columns with;


but this removes all of them not a specific one.

Anyone can show some pointers on how to remove a specific row ?

Thanks in advance,

There is no documentation related to removing or erasing a list item that is already registered within the widget. So I had to define a liststore and treeselection where then following getselection/getselected is applied before using the erase function to the iterator.

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