List of companies that contribute to GNOME in some way (in 2022)

I would like to create a list of companies or organizations that contribute to GNOME, either upstream or downstream. Or companies that use some of the GNOME development stack to create a product, etc.

Ideally the list should be as comprehensive as possible. I can edit this post to include missing ones.

Here is the list that I came up with, in alphabetical order:

I’ll add links later, and I can update this post regularly. (Then this could be re-iterated in 2023, etc).

I think I’ve forgotten many, sorry in advance.

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Thanks for doing this Sébastien, there seems to be overlap with this list and the advisory board.

Stormy wrote about how open source projects can better articulate their desired direction upstream in order to encourage more contributions from companies on her blog.

Would definitely be neat to have career opportunities advertised for advisory board members in the future.

Advisory rebooted initiative maybe.

Indeed, thanks for your reply, here are some links for the Advisory Board:

Actually, the list that I proposed could be very long, let’s just say “the main ones” that contribute to GNOME upstream and that have several employees doing that work (and that hire sometimes).

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