Light shell for GNOME desktop experimentation

simply the missing gnome shell you had been searching for.



ported from fedora discussion . I just found this GNOME discourse and I think this is more apporiate place.
these are my personal proposal for alternative light shell variant. more details on my gitlab

thoughts and feedback are welcomed.


I like the light theme concept. It feels more uniform than the half-light, half-dark hybrid that exists today. Since I typically work in a brightly lit area, this suits me well.

Regarding the overview, would a highly blurred version of the user’s desktop background work, as opposed to the light gray solid color?


Personally I think the colors have little contrast and depending on the monitor’s contrast, the element separations will simply disappear.

I don’t have an opinion about GNOME having a light shell, but so far I haven’t seen any proposal that I like due to the problems I’ve already mentioned.

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