Libxslt 1.1.41 released (1.50M)
sha256sum: 3ad392af91115b7740f7b50d228cc1c5fc13afc1da7f16cb0213917a37f71bda


  • autotools: Stop installing libxslt.m4
  • autotools: Remove RPM build


  • libxslt: Set _FILE_OFFSET_BITS to 64
  • xsltproc: Remove unneeded includes
  • include: Don’t define ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED in public header
  • xsltproc: Make “-” read from stdin

Build systems

  • cmake: Adjust paths for UNIX or UNIX-like target systems (Daniel E)


  • cmake: Link testplugin with libxml2
  • tests: Link testplugin with libxml2
  • tests: Fix expected error after libxml2 change
  • runtest: Switch to xmlFormatError
  • fuzz: Avoid accessing internal struct members

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