Libxslt 1.1.39 released (1.51M)
sha256sum: 2a20ad621148339b0759c4d4e96719362dee64c9a096dbba625ba053846349f0

Bug fixes

  • extensions: Don’t search imports for extension prefixes


  • transform: Check maximum depth when processing default templates
  • build: Add more missing includes
  • python: Don’t set deprecated global
  • build: Add missing includes
  • imports: Limit nesting depth
  • extensions: Report top-level elements in xsltDebugDumpExtensions
  • Add extern “C” { } block to xsltlocale.h (David Kilzer)


  • python: Make it compatible with python3.12 (Daniel Garcia Moreno)
  • date: Fix check for localtime_s
  • date: Fix check for gmtime_s

Build systems

  • pkg-config files include cflags for static builds (Mike Dalessio)
  • Handle NOCONFIG case when setting locations from CMake target properties (Markus Rickert)
  • autotools: Make xslt-config executable


  • tests: Structured error handler now passes a const xmlError
  • python: Fix tests on MinGW
  • fuzz: Fix xmlFuzzEntityLoader after recent libxml2 changes

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