Libxml2 2.13.2 released (2.46M)
sha256sum: e7c8f5e0b5542159e0ddc409c22c9164304b581eaa9930653a76fb845b169263


  • tree: Fix handling of empty strings in xmlNodeParseContent
  • valid: Restore ID lookup
  • parser: Reenable ctxt->directory
  • uri: Handle filesystem paths in xmlBuildRelativeURISafe
  • encoding: Make xmlFindCharEncodingHandler return UTF-8 handler
  • encoding: Fix encoding lookup with xmlOpenCharEncodingHandler
  • include: Define ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED for clang
  • uri: Fix xmlBuildURI with NULL base


  • uri: Enable Windows paths on Cygwin
  • tests: Clarify licence of test/intsubset2.xml