Libxml2 2.13.1 released (2.46M)
sha256sum: 25239263dc37f5f55a5393eff27b35f0b7d9ea4b2a7653310598ea8299e3b741


  • parser: Selectively reenable reading from “-”
  • reader: Fix xmlTextReaderReadString
  • xinclude: Set XPath context doc
  • xinclude: Load included documents with XML_PARSE_DTDLOAD
  • include: Don’t redefine ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED
  • include: Readd circular dependency between tree.h and parser.h
  • xinclude: Add missing include (Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig))
  • win32, msvc: fix missing linking against Bcrypt.lib (Miklos Vajna)
  • xinclude: Don’t raise error on empty nodeset
  • parser: Make failure to load main document a warning
  • tree: Fix freeing entities via xmlFreeNode
  • parser: Pass global object to sax->setDocumentLocator


  • io: Fix resetting xmlParserInputBufferCreateFilename hook


  • Fix typo in NEWS (–with-html → --with-http) (Ryan Carsten Schmidt)
  • doc: Don’t mention xmlNewInputURL

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