Libxml2 2.13.0 released (2.46M)
sha256sum: d5a2f36bea96e1fb8297c6046fb02016c152d81ed58e65f3d20477de85291bc9

Major changes

Most of the core code should now report malloc failures reliably. Some
API functions were extended with versions that report malloc failures.

New API functions for error handling were added:

  • xmlCtxtSetErrorHandler
  • xmlXPathSetErrorHandler
  • xmlXIncludeSetErrorHandler

This makes it possible to register per-context error handlers without
resorting to global handlers.

A few error messages were improved and consolidated. Please update
downstream test suites accordingly.

A new parser option XML_PARSE_NO_XXE can be used to disable loading
of external entities or DTDs. This is most useful in connection with

Support for HTTP POST was removed.

Support for zlib, liblzma and HTTP is now disabled by default and has
to be enabled by passing --with-zlib, --with-lzma or --with-html to
configure. In legacy mode (–with-legacy) these options are enabled
by default as before.

Support for FTP and xpointer() XPath extensions will be removed in
the next release.

Several more legacy symbols were deprecated. Users of the old “SAX1”
API functions are encouraged to upgrade to the new “SAX2” API,
available since version 2.6.0 from 2003.

Some deprecated global variables were made const:

  • htmlDefaultSAXHandler
  • oldXMLWDcompatibility
  • xmlDefaultSAXHandler
  • xmlDefaultSAXLocator
  • xmlParserDebugEntities

Deprecations and removals

  • threads: Deprecate remaining ThrDef functions
  • unicode: Deprecate most xmlUCSIs* functions
  • memory: Remove memory debugging
  • tree: Deprecate xmlRegisterNodeDefault
  • tree: Deprecate xmlSetCompressMode
  • html: Deprecate htmlHandleOmittedElem
  • valid: Deprecate internal validation functions
  • valid: Deprecate old DTD serialization API
  • nanohttp: Deprecate public API
  • Remove VMS support
  • Remove Trio

Bug fixes

  • parser: Fix base URI of internal parameter entities
  • tree: Handle predefined entities in xmlBufGetEntityRefContent
  • schemas: Allow unlimited length decimals, integers etc. (Tomáš Ženčák)
  • reader: Fix preservation of attributes
  • parser: Always decode entities in namespace URIs
  • relaxng: Fix tree corruption in xmlRelaxNGParseNameClass (Seiya Nakata)
  • schemas: Fix ADD_ANNOTATION
  • tree: Fix tree iteration in xmlDOMWrapRemoveNode
  • tree: Declare namespace on clone in xmlDOMWrapCloneNode
  • tree: Fix xmlAddSibling with last sibling
  • tree: Fix xmlDocSetRootElement with multiple top-level elements
  • catalog: Fetch XML catalog before dumping
  • html: Don’t close fd in htmlCtxtReadFd


  • parser: Fix “Truncated multi-byte sequence” error
  • Add missing _cplusplus processing clause (Sadaf Ebrahimi)
  • parser: Rework handling of undeclared entities
  • SAX2: Warn if URI resolution failed
  • parser: Don’t report error on invalid URI
  • xmllint: Clean up option handling
  • xmllint: Rework parsing
  • parser: Don’t create undeclared entity refs in substitution mode
  • Make some globals const
  • reader: Make xmlTextReaderReadString non-recursive
  • reader: Rework xmlTextReaderRead{Inner,Outer}Xml
  • Remove redundant size check (Niels Dossche)
  • Remove redundant NULL check on cur (Niels Dossche)
  • Remove always-false check old == cur (Niels Dossche)
  • Remove redundant NULL check on cur (Niels Dossche)
  • tree: Don’t return empty localname in xmlSplitQName{2,3}
  • xinclude: Don’t try to fix base of non-elements
  • tree: Don’t coalesce text nodes in xmlAdd{Prev,Next}Sibling
  • SAX2: Optimize appending children
  • tree: Align xmlAddChild with other node insertion functions
  • html: Use binary search in htmlEntityValueLookup
  • io: Allocate output buffer with XML_BUFFER_ALLOC_IO
  • encoding: Don’t shrink input too early in xmlCharEncOutput
  • tree: Tighten source doc check in xmlDOMWrapAdoptNode
  • tree: Check destParent->doc in xmlDOMWrapCloneNode
  • tree: Refactor text node updates
  • tree: Refactor node insertion
  • tree: Refactor element creation and parsing of attribute values
  • tree: Simplify xmlNodeGetContent, xmlBufGetNodeContent
  • buf: Don’t use default buffer size for small strings
  • string: Fix xmlStrncatNew(NULL, “”)
  • entities: Don’t allow null name in xmlNewEntity
  • html: Fix quadratic behavior in htmlNodeDump
  • tree: Rewrite xmlSetTreeDoc
  • valid: Rework xmlAddID
  • tree: Remove unused node types
  • tree: Make namespace comparison more consistent
  • tree: Don’t allow NULL name in xmlSetNsProp
  • tree: Rework xmlNodeListGetString
  • tree: Rework xmlTextMerge
  • tree: Rework xmlNodeSetName
  • tree: Simplify xmlAddChild with text parent
  • tree: Disallow setting content of entity reference nodes
  • tree: Rework xmlReconciliateNs
  • schemas: fix spurious warning about truncated snprintf output
    (Benjamin Gilbert)
  • xmlschemastypes: Remove unreachable if statement (Maks Mishin)
  • relaxng: Remove useless if statement (Maks Mishin)
  • tree: Check for integer overflow in xmlStringGetNodeList
  • http: Improve error message for HTTPS redirects
  • catalog: Remove Windows hack
  • save: Move DTD serialization code to xmlsave.c
  • parser: Report fatal error if document entity couldn’t be loaded
  • xpath: Fix return of empty node-set in xmlXPathNodeCollectAndTest
  • SAX2: Limit entity URI length to 2000 bytes
  • parser: Account for full size of non-well-formed entities
  • parser: Pop inputs if parsing DTD failed
  • parser: Fix quadratic behavior when copying entities
  • writer: Implement xmlTextWriterClose
  • parser: Avoid duplicate namespace errors
  • parser: Add XML_PARSE_NO_XXE parser option
  • parser: Make xmlParseContent more useful
  • error: Make xmlFormatError public
  • encoding: Check whether encoding handlers support input/output
  • SAX2: Enforce size limit in xmlSAX2Text with XML_PARSE_HUGE
  • parser: Lower maximum entity nesting depth
  • parser: Set depth limit to 2048 with XML_PARSE_HUGE
  • parser: Implement xmlCtxtSetOptions
  • parser: Always prefer option members over bitmask
  • parser: Don’t modify SAX2 handler if XML_PARSE_SAX1 is set
  • parser: Rework parsing of attribute and entity values
  • save: Output U+FFFD replacement characters
  • parser: Simplify entity size accounting
  • parser: Avoid unwanted expansion of parameter entities
  • parser: Always copy content from entity to target
  • parser: Simplify control flow in xmlParseReference
  • parser: Remove xmlSetEntityReferenceFunc feature
  • parser: Push general entity input streams on the stack
  • parser: Move progressive flag into input struct
  • parser: Fix in-parameter-entity and in-external-dtd checks
  • xpath: Rewrite substring-before and substring-after
  • xinclude: Only set xml:base if necessary
  • xinclude: Allow empty nodesets
  • parser: Rework general entity parsing
  • io: Fix close error handling
  • io: Fix read/write error handling
  • io: More refactoring and unescaping fixes
  • io: Move some code from xmlIO.c to parserInternals.c
  • uri: Clean up special parsing modes
  • xinclude: Rework xml:base fixup
  • parser: Also set document properties when push parsing
  • include: Move non-generated parts from
  • io: Remove support for HTTP POST
  • dict: Move local RNG state to global state
  • dict: Get random seed from system PRNG
  • io: Don’t use “-” to read from stdin
  • io: Rework initialization
  • io: Consolidate error messages
  • xzlib: Fix harmless unsigned integer overflow
  • io: Always use unbuffered input
  • io: Fix detection of compressed streams
  • io: Pass error codes from xmlFileOpenReal to xmlNewInputFromFile
  • io: Rework default callbacks
  • error: Stop printing some errors by default
  • xpath: Don’t free nodes of XSLT result value trees
  • valid: Fix handling of enumerations
  • parser: Allow recovery in xmlParseInNodeContext
  • encoding: Support ASCII in xmlLookupCharEncodingHandler
  • include: Remove useless ‘const’ from function arguments
  • Avoid EDG -Wignored-qualifiers warnings on wrong ‘const ’ to ’ const’
    conversions (makise-homura)
  • Avoid EDG deprecation warnings for LCC compiler (makise-homura)
  • Avoid EDG -Woverflow warnings on truncating conversions by manually
    truncating operand (makise-homura)
  • Avoid EDG -Wtype-limits warnings on unsigned comparisons with zero by
    conversion from unsigned int to int (makise-homura)
  • Avoid using no_sanitize attribute on EDG even if compiler shows as GCC

Build systems

  • meson: convert boolean options to feature option (Rosen Penev)
  • meson: Pass LIBXML_STATIC in dependency (Andrew Potter)
  • meson: fix compilation with local binaries (Rosen Penev)
  • meson: don’t use dl dependency on old meson (Rosen Penev)
  • meson: fix usage as a subproject (Rosen Penev)
  • autotools: Fix pthread detection on FreeBSD
  • build: Remove --with-fexceptions configuration option
  • autotools: Remove --with-coverage configuration option
  • build: Disable HTTP support by default
  • Stop defining _REENTRANT
  • doc: Don’t install example code
  • meson: Initial commit (Vincent Torri)
  • build: Disable support for compression libraries by default
  • Set LIBXML2_FOUND if it has been properly configured (Michele Bianchi)
  • omit $(top_builddir) from DEPS and LDADDS (Mike Dalessio)

Test suite

  • runtest: Work around broken EUC-JP support in musl iconv
  • runtest: Check for IBM-1141 encoding handler
  • fuzz: Add xmllint fuzzer
  • fuzz: Add fuzzer for XML reader API
  • fuzz: New tree API fuzzer
  • tests: Remove testOOM
  • Don’t let cast types to ‘const somethingPtr’ to avoid
    -Wignored-qualifiers (makise-homura)

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