Libxml2 2.12.0 released (2.52M)
sha256sum: 431521c8e19ca396af4fa97743b5a6bfcccddbba90e16426a15e5374cd64fe0d

Major changes

Most of the known issues leading to quadratic behavior in the XML parser were fixed. Internal hash tables were rewritten to reduce memory consumption.

Starting with this release, it should be enough to add the --with-legacy configuration option to provide maximum ABI compatibility. For example, if a code module was removed from the default configuration, the option will add stubs for the removed symbols.

libxml2 will now store global variables in thread-local storage if supported by the compiler. This avoids allocating the data lazily which can result in a fatal error condition. A new API function xmlCheckThreadLocalStorage was added so the allocation can be checked earlier if compiler TLS is not supported. To prepare for future improvements, some API functions now expect or return a const xmlError struct.

Several cyclic dependencies in public header files were fixed. As a result, certain headers won’t include other headers as before.

Refactoring of the encoding code has been mostly completed. Calling xmlSwitchEncoding from client code is now fully supported, for example to override the encoding for the push parser.

When parsing data from memory, libxml2 will now stream data chunk by chunk instead of copying the whole buffer (possibly twice with encodings), reducing peak memory consumption considerably.

A new API function xmlCtxtSetMaxAmplification was added to allow parsing of files that would otherwise trigger the billion laughs protection.

Several bugs in the regex determinism checks were fixed. Invalid XML Schemas which previous versions erroneously accepted will now be rejected.


  • globals: Deprecate xmlLastError
  • parser: Deprecate global parser options
  • win32: Deprecate old Windows build system

Bug fixes

  • parser: Stop switching to ISO-8859-1 on encoding errors
  • parser: Support encoded external PEs in entity values
  • string: Fix UTF-8 validation in xmlGetUTF8Char
  • SAX2: Allow multiple top-level elements
  • parser: Update line number after coalescing text nodes
  • parser: Check for truncated multi-byte sequences


  • error: Make more xmlError structs constant
  • parser: Remove redundant IS_CHAR check in xmlCurrentChar
  • parser: Fix stack handling in xmlParseTryOrFinish
  • parser: Protect against quadratic default attribute expansion
  • parser: Missing checks for disableSAX
  • entities: Make xmlFreeEntity public
  • examples: Don’t use sprintf
  • encoding: Suppress -Wcast-align warnings
  • parser: Use hash tables to avoid quadratic behavior
  • parser: Don’t skip CR in xmlCurrentChar
  • dict: Rewrite dictionary hash table code
  • hash: Rewrite hash table code
  • malloc-fail: Report malloc failure in xmlFARegExec
  • malloc-fail: Report malloc failure in xmlRegEpxFromParse
  • parser: Simplify xmlStringCurrentChar
  • regexp: Fix status codes and handle invalid UTF-8
  • error: Make xmlGetLastError return a const error
  • html: Fix logic in htmlAutoClose
  • globals: Move globals back to correct header files
  • globals: Use thread-local storage if available
  • globals: Rework global state destruction on Windows
  • globals: Define globals using macros
  • globals: Introduce xmlCheckThreadLocalStorage
  • globals: Make xmlGlobalState private
  • threads: Move library initialization code to threads.c
  • debug: Remove debugging code
  • globals: Move code from threads.c to globals.c
  • parser: Avoid undefined behavior in xmlParseStartTag2
  • schemas: Fix memory leak of annotations in notations
  • dict: Update hash function
  • dict: Use thread-local storage for PRNG state
  • dict: Use xoroshiro64** as PRNG
  • xmllint: Fix error messages
  • parser: Fix detection of null bytes
  • parser: Improve error handling in push parser
  • parser: Don’t check inputNr in xmlParseTryOrFinish
  • parser: Remove push parser debugging code
  • tree: Fix copying of DTDs
  • legacy: Add stubs for disabled modules
  • parser: Allow to set maximum amplification factor
  • entities: Don’t change doc when encoding entities
  • parser: Never use UTF-8 encoding handler
  • encoding: Remove debugging code
  • malloc-fail: Fix unsigned integer overflow in xmlTextReaderPushData
  • html: Remove encoding hack in htmlCreateFileParserCtxt
  • parser: Decode all data in xmlCharEncInput
  • parser: Stream data when reading from memory
  • parser: Optimize xmlLoadEntityContent
  • parser: Don’t overwrite EOF parser state
  • parser: Simplify input pointer updates
  • parser: Don’t reinitialize parser input members
  • encoding: Move rawconsumed accounting to xmlCharEncInput
  • parser: Rework encoding detection
  • parser: Always create UTF-8 in xmlParseReference
  • html: Remove some debugging code in htmlParseTryOrFinish
  • malloc-fail: Fix memory leak in xmlCompileAttributeTest
  • parser: Recover more input from encoding errors
  • malloc-fail: Handle malloc failures in xmlAddEncodingAlias
  • malloc-fail: Fix null-deref with xmllint --copy
  • xpath: Ignore entity ref nodes when computing node hash
  • malloc-fail: Fix null deref after xmlXIncludeNewRef
  • SAX: Always validate xml:ids
  • Stop using sprintf
  • Fix compiler warning on GCC < 8
  • regexp: Fix determinism checks
  • regexp: Fix checks for eliminated transitions
  • regexp: Simplify xmlFAReduceEpsilonTransitions
  • regexp: Fix cycle check in xmlFAReduceEpsilonTransitions
  • schemas: Fix filename in xmlSchemaValidateFile
  • schemas: Fix line numbers in streaming validation
  • writer: Add error check in xmlTextWriterEndDocument
  • encoding: Stop calling xmlEncodingErr
  • xmlIO: Remove some calls to xmlIOErr
  • parser: Improve handling of encoding and IO errors
  • parser: Move xmlFatalErr to parserInternals.c
  • encoding: Rework error codes
  • .gitignore: Split up and rearrange .gitignore files
  • .gitignore: Add runsuite.log
  • Stop calling xmlMemoryDump
  • examples: Don’t call xmlCleanupParser and xmlMemoryDump
  • xpath: Remove remaining references to valueFrame


  • python: Make it compatible with python3.12 (Daniel Garcia Moreno)

Build systems

  • cmake: Check whether static linking dependencies found in config files (James Le Cuirot)
  • autotools: Make --with-minimum disable lzma support
  • build: Remove some GCC warnings
  • Handle NOCONFIG case when setting locations from CMake target properties (Markus Rickert)
  • cmake: Generate better pkg-config file for SYSROOT builds under CMake (James Le Cuirot)
  • autoconf: Include non-pkg-config dependency flags in the pkg-config file (James Le Cuirot)
  • autoconf: Don’t bake build time CFLAGS into pkg-config file (James Le Cuirot)
  • build: Generate better pkg-config files for static-only builds (James Le Cuirot)
  • build: Generate better pkg-config file for SYSROOT builds (James Le Cuirot)
  • autoconf: Allow custom --with-icu configure option


  • tests: Also test xmlNextChar in testchar.c
  • tests: Start with testparser.c for extra tests
  • fuzz: Raise rss_limit_mb
  • fuzz: Test xmlTextReaderRead after EOF or failure
  • tests: Handle entities in SAX tests
  • fuzz: Disable XML_PARSE_SAX1 option in xml fuzzer
  • tests: Add more tests for redefined attributes
  • hash: Add hash table tests
  • fuzz: Allow to fuzz without push, reader or output modules
  • gitlab-ci: Add a “medium” config build
  • python: Fix tests on MinGW
  • test: Add push parser test with overridden encoding
  • testapi: test_xmlSAXDefaultVersion() leaves xmlSAX2DefaultVersionValue set to 1 with LIBXML_SAX1_ENABLED (David Kilzer)
  • gitlab-ci: Lower _XOPEN_SOURCE value
  • testapi: Don’t set http_proxy environment variable
  • test: Add push parser tests for split UTF-8 sequences
  • xinclude: Lower initial table size when fuzzing
  • tests: Test streaming schema validation
  • runtest: Skip element name in schema error messages


  • doc: Add notes about runtest to
  • doc: Don’t document internal macros in xmlversion.h
  • doc: Allow ‘unsigned’ without ‘int’
  • doc: Improve documentation of configuration options

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