Libsoup: offline (expired certificate) is down since yesterday. Is there another canonical place for libsoup (-2.4 to be precise) documentation?

A snapshot of the old API references is available on

Thank you; that’ll do for now indeed (although slightly old at 2.60.2; Ubuntu ships 2.74).

Have I also reached a person/place where that expired certificate was good to report? It should supposedly be renewed.

You can reach the GNOME sysadmins at but I’m not really certain who owns the domain, or who’s issuing its certificate.

That would be @tingping.

It seems to be presenting a valid TLS certificate. Looks like something else is wrong.

I see that right now it’s indeed a more general 522 “Connection timed out” page I’m getting. FWIW: quite sure that yesterday that cloudflare page explicitly told me a certificate had expired. is up again.

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