Libsoup HTTP 1.1 chunked transfer encoding


I just want to implement OSC over XMLRPC. The AgsOscServer is yet implemented using UDP/TCP sockets.

I did some research about XMLRPC because I was unsure if I can send continuing OSC messages over XMLRPC from server to client. It is for monitoring and it is streaming like:

I figured out that HTTP 1.1 specifies chunked transfer encoding. See here:

First, is it supported by libsoup? Would it be the right approach at all?

by Joël

I think using WebSockets would do the job.

What I want is a redirect from XMLRPC request to a WebSocket or alike …

… and then provide HTTP status code 303.

So the XMLRPC request instantiates a WebSocket on the server side. Set 303 for the response’s status code.

After receiving 303 the client shall connect to the websocket.

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