Libgda on GJS and GTK4


I am learning GJS with GTK4 and I have a problem launching my test application with flatpak:

JS ERROR: Error: Requiring Gda, version none: Typelib file for namespace 'Gda' (any version) not found

I’ve been looking for several days for information about how to install these dependencies but I’ve only found how to install them in debian with apt, but it doesn’t work, I understand that it’s because of the way the app is launched:

flatpak run org.flatpak.Builder --force-clean --user --install builddir com.domain.myapp.yml;flatpak run com.domain.myapp

Could you give me a hand, please?

You need to add the dependency to your com.domain.myapp.yml manifest.
You can probably do a search in the “flathub” org on GitHub to see if any other apps have that dependency, and adapt what they do.

Thanks Philip, I’m looking in github and gitlab but I can’t find any application in gjs that uses gda and has the dependency defined in the manifest. I’ll keep looking, if I have luck I’ll let you know. Thank you very much!

It doesn’t have to be an application in GJS. The way you would include the dependency in the manifest is the same no matter how you write the app.

I do it with a code search in the “flathub” org on GitHub: Code search results · GitHub

The search results contain several versions of libgda as well as spurious results for libgdata. GTranslator’s manifest contains the most recent libgda, so you might as well adapt that: org.gnome.Gtranslator/org.gnome.Gtranslator.yml at master · flathub/org.gnome.Gtranslator · GitHub

Great, it works!!! Thank you very much for all the help!

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