Libadwaita widgets and library for flutter?

Any plans for implementing the libadwaita library with flutter for easy cross-platform development which is coherent with the Gnome HIG, just like Material library, Cupertino library and the MacOS library? Maybe in the near or even the distant future?


Hi @Anirban_Dutta :wave:t2: , GNOME themes for toolkits other than GTK e.g Qt, Firefox etc have historically been maintained by the wider GNOME community.

As far as flutter goes Prateek Sunal seems to be doing an excellent job supporting libadwaita on top of flutter. The pub repository can be found here.

Support for xdg dark mode specification would probably be better implemented lower level than the libadwaita theme for use cases where a project would like to hook into platform hints about dark mode even when they have their own HIG which they implement cross platform.

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