Last-used function lists directorys i didn't used

Greetings folks, nice to be here.
(However thats my first try here around so go easy on me).

Some weeks ago, when my wife and i tried to clean up our Systems (we both use ubuntu 20.04 on two old lenovo c260 All-In-One) we discovered something strange:

You shure know the files/nautilus function to list the last used files?
Now when you try to relocate some files via
rightclick > moveto > last used
you see a list of directorys instead of your used files - no big deal, we thought.
But as we keept an eye on that list, it turned out that it contained many directorys we hadn’t touched in a long time. We observed that function / list some days and came to realise that it listed directories as used, we definitely did not used (private directorys for old projects, old pictures, etc - not the system-relevant ones).
And these directories were listed as used in a rather short amount of time, like 4-7 non-related directories within the same minute.

Now i would like to ask around, if someone of you has experienced the same behaviour? Or maybe even has an idea if that could be normal (eg the ssd needs to be used to stay usable or something like this)?

Looking forward to read from you.

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