Laptop fell asleep during printing, now 3 jobs are stuck

First, why is a laptop allowed to fall asleep when there’s still jobs in the print queue?

Second, I waited and nothing happens (first job just says “processing”) and the pause buttons animate but otherwise also do nothing in the Printer panel in Settings.

Having the laptop fall asleep during printing apparently broke something so severely that I noticed that a second printer of the same model popped up in the settings, but also refused to print.

In the end, I had to remove both printers from the settings and re-add it, and restart all jobs.

I think Gnome should really handle print queues & power settings better…

GNOME only presents what CUPS (the print server) provides: GNOME does not control the print queue, or when it gets processed.

Can you try this in cupsd.conf ?

ErrorPolicy retry-job

CUPS is quite an old piece of software, not sure it integrates well with session managers for staying awake…

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