Label with a link doesn't open the file manager

When I click on the label with a link (e.g. gnome-disks), GTK3 doesn’t open the file manager. Any idea why?? I believe the links are urls, right?

Configuration: debian, awesome wm, no full environment.
x-www-browser is a symlink to firefox
gnome-www-browser is a symlink to firefox
xdg-mime query filetype /media/fox/card returns inode/mount-point.
xdg-mime query default inode/mount-point returns nnn.desktop
xdg-open /media/fox/card opens nnn file manager


  1. Did you create nnn.desktop yourself?
  2. Is GNOME Terminal installed or xdg-terminal-exec installed and configured?
  1. no
  2. no, I’m using st and alacritty terminals.

Anyway, I’m trying to understand the workflow here. I can see in the source code (see the snapshot) that the label contains <a> tag with the file://[path] url. Let’s say I click the link, what happens next? Is this handled via glib?? Thanks.

s = g_markup_printf_escaped ("<a href=\"file://%s\">%s</a>", mount_points[0], mount_points[0]);
in_use_markup = g_strdup_printf (C_("volume-content-fs", "Mounted at %s"), s);

Btw. I’ve installed the pcmanfm file manager (GTK3) and I can launch the application by clicking the link in gnome-disks (see the printscreen). But I still would like to understand how this works.


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