L10n: question about monorepo support and having several po/ directories


For gedit, I’m thinking about having a monorepo: some libraries, the core of gedit, and plugins all in the same git repository.

The git repo would contain, let’s say:


With dir1/ and dir2/ containing code and project files as if they were in their own git repo. So, each directory with its top-level build system instructions.

And, potentially, dir1/, dir2/, etc could use different build systems (Meson, CMake, …).

So, for i18n purposes, there would be different po/ directories, inside dir1/, dir2/, etc.

Exactly like several git repos, except that they are in directories inside the same git repo.

Does Damned Lies support this kind of project organization?


After a mini proof of concept, I think a single po/ directory will be possible too. The POTFILES.in file will just list files from all sub-projects, and by having a single gettext domain name.

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