Keyboard shortcuts for horizontal workspaces?

So today I moved from Awesome (tiling WM) to GNOME 3.36.4 and I’m super thrilled! I can’t say how satisfied I am with all the details you folks have taken care of, which a minimalistic WM + myself would have never managed to figure out.

One certain workflow I’m a bit missing from my WM days, are horizontal workspaces and the ability to move the focus and the windows between them via keyboard shortcuts. Without any workspaces related extensions installed, I can do all this e.g with Super+PageUp and Super+PageDown (defaults). But what’s a bit disappointing is that installing “Horizontal Workspaces” makes these shorcuts not work :frowning:.

There are tons of workspaces related extensions and some of which don’t work for me. Perhaps one of which will make the workspaces horizontal but not disable the keyboard shortcuts? Help will be appreciated.

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I’ve found the best (for me) workspaces extension :smiley:

Well the “up” and “down” is in the name :wink:

The default shortcuts for switching workspaces horizontally are Ctrl Alt and Ctrl Alt.

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