Keyboard navigation on Mac

Hi, I’m a recent user of Meld on Mac, version 3.21.0.osx3, and I’m having difficulties using the keyboard to do my change related actions. The base scenario I’m talking is comparing two files, and wanting to navigate back and forth between “local” and “remote” version of these, and pushing changes left and right.

My questions which I’ve not figured out yet:

  1. Is there a keyboard combination to switch to the alternate document?
  2. I’ve found Option-up/down to navigate between the changes, and Option-left/right to push the change to the other document, but what’s the combination to “pull” the change from the other document?
  3. Is it possible to delete the change using the keyboard?
  4. Is there a keyboard shortcut to save both documents at the same time?
  5. Is there a keyboard shortcut to accept all changes, as is, and get them pushed to the other document?

Regards, holroy

The OSX version of Meld is a (much appreciated) third-party effort. We don’t actually support OSX officially. Having said that, I can answer most of these questions for Meld on linux.

Meld’s keyboard shortcuts should all be documented from the Keyboard Shortcuts menu entry. On Linux this is Alt+Page up/down.




No. You can do this with the Comparison → Merge all change (from left/right/etc) menu items, but there’s no shortcut.

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