Keybind Conflict: "Previous Conflict" and "Go to Line" both Ctrl+I

On my Work Linux (Ubuntu 22.04) in meld “Previous Conflict” and “Go to Line” have the same Keybinding, both Ctrl+I.

In effect, when I press Ctrl+I I always get “Go to Line” which is kinda annoying when resolving bigger merge conflicts during Kernel rebase. Would like to have a working Keybinding for “Previous Conflict”

This has actually been fixed for ages in the 3.22.x branch, but that hasn’t had a release. This is my bad, and I should look at cutting a 3.22.1 soon.

For what it’s worth, the new shortcuts for conflict navigation will be Ctrl+J/K instead of Ctrl+I/K.

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3.22.1 has now been released with the above fix.

Cool, that was fast, thank you :slight_smile:

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