Key shortcut request: Switch between one app windows

My favorite way to switch between windows is using the shortcut “Super + NumberKey”.
But when there is more than one window of the same kind, it becomes not as handy as it could have been.
For example, I have the Chrome browser in the first position in the dock. And there are two windows of Chrome opened. Imagine, I have another window opened (Nautilus, for example). To switch to Chrome, I need to press “Super + 1”. Then I see that I need the other window of Chrome. I press “Super + 1” again. Chrome windows previews appear. Then I press “Tab” button, and then “Enter”.
If I pressed “Super + 1” twice erroneously, the window previews won’t disappear until I press “Esc” button and this is not good too: in example, I press “Super + 2” to switch to Nautilus, but I can’t, as Chrome window previews are open.
My suggestion is to implement the following behavior:
To switch to the 2nd Chrome window press “Super + 1”, release “1” but hold “Super” and press “1” again.
At this moment Chrome windows preview appears and the second window becomes active. You can continue switching these windows by pressing “1” as long, as you hold “Super” button. When you release “Super” button, previews disappear and the last selected Chrome window becomes active.

We already have “Super + key-above-tab” (with popup) and “Alt + F6” (without popup) shortcuts for switching between app windows.

The “Super + 1”… shortcuts are meant as shorthand for clicking on an item in the dash, so I’m not sure changing their behavior is a good idea (but if you convince the design team …)


The behavior you are describing is about Dash to Dock / Ubuntu dock extension, the GNOME Shell itself always only raise the last used window of the app if you press that shortcut.

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@GdH hm, looks like I chose the wrong place for my request. But thank you for the explanation.

@fmuellner I didn’t know about “Alt+F6” shortcut, thank you. Partly it covers my requirements.

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