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Open a cinnamon based distro in a VM or as main and go to accessibility settings and find the desktop zoom setting, enable it and change the “mousewheel” modifier to whatever you want, now use that modifier and the mousewheel together, that is the behaviour I expect to see available on the gnome desktop but instead you have a less performant & less accessible magnifier doing the work instead.

As a side note I tried to enable permanent dark mode (light mode should never be default) on manjaro gnome distro but couldn’t find the setting, it clearly exists judging by the screenshots on gnome’s main page, someone mind telling me how to find it?

  • Open ‘Tweaks’ app
  • Go to ‘Appearance’ page
  • Under ‘Themes’ section, for ‘Legacy Applications’, choose ‘Adwaita-dark’ or ‘adw-gtk3-dark’
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Mutter already forwards super+scroll events to gnome-shell for workspace switching, so there’s no technical obstacle for controlling the magnifier factor the same way.

The main open question is whether magnifier-scroll should (optionally) replace the existing workspace-scroll, or whether we need another modifier (super-ctrl-scroll?).

But there are no objections to the feature in principle, so contributions are more than welcome.

Can just make it a setting to switch between built-in support and magnifier

Open ‘Tweaks’ app

The “proper” dark-mode setting is in Settings → Appearance → Style.

It only works for applications that explicitly support dark style. Your Tweaks instructions can be used to also force it on applications that don’t.

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Yes, it is very easy to find system dark mode. From @awsdert’s post, it seemed like the dark mode was inconsistant. This is a problem that a lot of people are having. That is why I suggested changing the ‘Legacy Applications’ theme to dark to make dark mode consistant accross all gtk apps.

Nah, it wasn’t the inconsistency that was the issue, I just couldn’t find the setting to begin with, I was expecting it to be in the ordinary settings, not the tweaks.

GNOME’s screen zoom implementation is unusable for me, which is why I implemented Zoom In/Out actions into my Custom Hot Corners - Extended extension which allows me to control zoom using a scroll wheel at the edge/corner of the monitor or using keyboard shortcuts.

For me, the edge & corners aren’t enough, there’s manga and manwha where zooming in on the page instead of the screen/desktop actually makes it harder to read the occasional tiny text, in those cases I hover the mouse over the text THEN zoom in with the mousewheel and [ALT], finding the text after zooming in would just be a huge inconvenience when I could just go to it while the whole picture is in view.

I understand. Another option is to use the GNOME’s built-in keyboard shortcuts to toggle the Zoom on/off and Zoom In/Out, so you can use the mouse pointer to center the view and then use for example Super+Z (if you set so) to toggle the zoom. The GNOME’s built-in Zoom options should be set to meet your needs .

I appreciate the attempt but that is not a substitute for the mousewheel, for now the only 2 desktop environments that provide what I want (that I know of) are XFCE & Cinnamon, there’s no reason I should have to settle for removing my hand from the mouse when there’s a clearly better standard being adopted by other environments.

You don’t need to remove your hand from the mouse to press Super+Z or similar shortcut where the two keys are next to each other. I just showed you some options that you can use right now while you’ll be waiting for someone to implement your request.

Okay that’s just me being a numpty and not even considering their positions, I just saw a key instead of MouseWheel-X or something and my knee-jerk understanding was “not keyboard, must remove hand”, still I’ve gotten used to the mousewheel so I’d likely get more annoyed at gnome if I try that option, I’ll have less stress just going to a desktop environment that provides what I need. I certainly like gnome’s UI but the lack of mousewheel zoom is a deal breaker for me, I can live with the awkward panels but the mousewheel is a must.

Is there anyone actually working on this?

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