Keeping Maximized Windows Visible Behind other windows after switching tasks

Hi! I am a new user to GNOME who is really enjoying the desktop environment. However, whenever I try to switch tasks from a maximized window to a smaller window using the activities overlay (eg firefox to terminal), the maximized window completely disappears from behind the smaller window. This is best shown in the video below.


I do not want that to happen - Ideally, I would only want a window to disappear from view if it were minimized. Is there a way I can adjust this behavior? I have tried looking in the settings, but could not find an answer. If it helps, I am using the latest version of Manjaro on the latest version of GNOME and have not tweaked my settings much.

Thanks for any and all help!

Hi, that’s not the default behavior. It doesn’t happen here and I don’t know why this might be happening.

It might be helpful to someone trying to help, if you can share your configurations, like distro version, version of GNOME, window session (X11 or Wayland), if you use Nvidia … If it’s a new installation and this always happened or started to happen after some event, like a installation of some app or extension, or after a update, …

I would also do this checks:

  • If it only happens in Firefox, I would try to install FIrefox flatpak and see if it still happens
  • Then try to change the window session, eg. If you’re in X11, try Wayland
  • Then I would create a new user and test if it happens in it’s session too.
    • If it not happen, than I would infer that’s probably a user specific bug. and you can start to tweak some configurations
    • If it also happens, then I would infer that’s probably system bug

My basic system config
Fedora Linux 38.20230506.0 (Silverblue)
GNOME 44.1

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