Jhbuild with broken upstream branches

Dear friends.
Every time when I start building something using jhbuild I come across a broken upstream branch. Sometimes it is a temporary issue that usually fixed in a couple of days but sometimes it is a long term issue. Using CI helps significantly improve code but this is still a transition point. Some modules still use autotools, ported modules do not have complete coverage, e.g. platforms, options. To improve the situation, I suggest come up with an agreement on how development is done. For example, I suggest having master branch ALWAYS green. All ongoing development can be done in another branch say “development”. Or wise verse. It is not so important. More important is having a green upstream branch. jhbuild allows override branch and it gives the possibility to the developer to use any branch they want. Do you think this is doable? Does it make sense? Thanks.

Haven’t used jhbuild for months now but my guess is that most of the breakage is coming from the moduleset shifting from the upstream definition.

The mainline branch is always green usually since the gitlab migration, the problems you see though are cause the CI on those projects is either based on some distro docker image, or the flatpak runtime for applications. Nobody is testing the jhbuild definitions anymore. The release team has also moved to using the gnome-build-meta repository, Buildstream based, for the cannonical build definitions and doing the releases.

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