Issue with wayland dgpu nvidia + igpu intel (desktop config)

Hi, all
I have a problem with Ubuntu 22.10 and I haven’t got enough knowledge to know if its a bug of wayland or issue of config.

I was on Ubuntu 22.04.1 On wayland and after days of searching I was able to make this multi screen setup work with NVIDIA + intel. I have 6 screens, 4 on nivida gtx and 2 on the intel Motherboard with wayland. I remember I maded so many changes in grub like modeset with i915 and nvidia drm to make it work. I am not sure what fixed it.

So now I made last update of Ubuntu 22.10, and my state now is NVIDIA screens works good, and intel screen is detected on Xrander, I can change pos or resolution but intel screen are black and freezed, they load but freezing on login screen. I tried to reinstall Ubuntu 22.04.1 back, but same issues.

On X11 all works good, I have my 6screens, but I realy preferd wayland for perfomance

If I boot with nividia-drm.modeset=0, Nvidia screens freeze, but intel screens work.

I do not know which dump you need to help me so be free to ask me some dumps.

I dont now if its rigth place to post here but I made research since 3days and I found nothing.

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