Issue with Trashed Files Using GIO on macOS

I’ve noticed that when using Gio.File.trash() on macOS, trashed files are moved to ~/.local/share/.Trash. This prevents them from appearing in the macOS Trash Bin.

However, sending the files to ~/.Trash makes them show up correctly. Has anyone else encountered this or found a better solution?

It’s a known bug, help welcome to fix it if you’re a developer on macOS: g_file_trash() Files not moved to System Trash on Mac OSX (#1161) · Issues · GNOME / GLib · GitLab

I’m having trouble compiling glib on macOS due to a linker issue. Where is the best place to ask for support? Should I share the logs here?

Yes, here is the right place (although probably best in a new thread rather than this one, so it has an appropriate title which people can spot). I won’t be able to help, though, as I’m not a macOS developer and don’t know about macOS compilation problems. Hopefully others on discourse can help though.

Okay I’ll create a new thread