Issue with Caps lock and number line on AZERTY Keyboard

Hi guys,

I use a AZERTY TKL keyboard on my desktop (Fedora 33), and when i press “caps lock” it allow to type in uppercase yes but the special character line is not affect by it.
So if i would like to type number i need to maintain shift.

i have install gnome-tweak-tool and try to change the cap lock behave, the only one how work is “cap lock switch on uppercase (affect all keys)” but it affect all keys and the mouse click so i shift click when cap locks is enable.

On the wikipedia article about Caps-locks you can find the special behave on azety and qwertz keyboard.

I’m the only French to use gnome realy? :sweat_smile:

Nope, I know of at least two Frenchmen (so your at least number 3)

You are not, but I really dislike the “shiftlock” behavior (where capslock is like shift is always pressed), so I’m not knowledgeable about it :slight_smile:

That said, apart from the fact that it sounds kind of logical that shiftlock would affect everything, including the mouse, it also sounds like a bug/missing feature not to have the in-between setting. However, I’m not sure it’s properly supported even at the XKB layer (not sure about handling under Wayland), where shiftlock options behaves as you mention: they affect mouse clicks as well, just as if you had shift pressed. Just meaning it might be a whole lot more work to get it to work than getting the right parameters or UI for those.

Yes actually the issue is bigger than that mouse click since “cap lock switch on uppercase (affect all keys)” affect all the keys…

For end user it mean that lets say you are on a spreadsheet on LibreOffice.
you shift-lock to type number, then you try to move on a other cell whit shift-lock engage:

click : you select the cell between select cell and the previous cell select
arrow key up : you select the previous cell and the cell above
page up : you select the current cell and all the cells above.
home/end/enter/insert… the list goes on.

Yeah so basically you do trade of : or the number is quite short an you use shift or you have large number to type and you use shift-lock just for typing this number and you disengage shift-lock when you have finish.

I so inconvenient then using a full size keyboard or a qwetry layout is better a this point even if the layout is slightly different and you lose some key like çéèà^¨œ.

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