Is xpm supported as an app icon format?


I am on Pop-os 22.04 (based on Ubuntu of that version), gnome-shell 42.5. When I install a particular app with the package manager (namely free42 [1] ), instead of the provided icon I get a “sad broken” icon in various desktop contexts, such as in the widget to select an app and start it. I noticed that the installed icon is (per the *.desktop file) a xpm one, which makes it the only one of this kind on the system (the others are all *.svg or *.png). I know it is a valid xpm file because I can view it in various image programs like eog and gimp. This fact makes me wonder if xpm is (still?) a supported format for this purpose.

The freedesktop icon theme spec [2] says that all of xpm, png and svg are valid, with support for svg optional. It doesn’t mention any exception for gnome :wink:

  1. GitHub - thomasokken/free42: Free42 : An HP-42S Calculator Simulator
  2. Directory Layout

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Make sure you have /usr/lib64/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/ (the numbers, and the exact location, may be different on your system).

Yup, I have it:

 5+0 ~$ locate pixbufloader | tail -n 1
 6+0 ~$

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