Is this rendering issue already filed?

Notice the weird rendering on the right side of this panel. Is there a bug filed for this? Is this a misconfiguration? I don’t know what terms to use to describe the problem and component location. What part of Gnome is this?


This is on Arch Linux current, gnome-desktop v44.0 and gnome-shell v44.1.

None, it looks like a user custom css/theme is at play here.

I haven’t made any attempt at making/utilizing custom themes. How do I get rid of them? The Tweaks tool says I’m running Adwaita (default) themes.

Are you maybe using some tool to change the background of the login screen?

It could also be an extension, those can easily mess up the menu.

I tried disabling extensions. This issue is indeed caused by the “User Themes” extension with “default-pure” as the chosen theme.

No, it is caused by a broken theme. The extension only provides a setting that allows you to load a different stylesheet.

Hi, the author of “GDM Settings” app here. This problem is caused by GDM Settings. Sorry!

GDM Settings extracts and saves the unaltered default shell theme as default-pure. If the user was not using a custom shell theme before using GDM Settings, in order to not mess up the shell theme for the current session when modifying the system wide shell theme (which the app needs to do in order to customize the appearance of login screen), the app changes the shell theme of current session to default-pure.

Since default-pure is an exact copy of the default shell theme (with no modifications whatsoever), there should, theoretically, be no issues. Unfortunately, default-pure does not get upgraded to the latest shell theme installed on the system until the user applies settings through GDM Settings app again. This is what is causing the issue on your system. The shell has been updated to 44 but default-pure is still on 43.

To mitigate the issue,

  • Re-apply settings in the GDM Settings app.
    (This will update default-pure to 44)


  • Switch to another shell theme.

Have you considered using the G_RESOURCE_OVERLAYS environment variable for the gdm user instead of modifying files not intended to be modified? That way breakage would be limited to gdm.

(It’s still a bad idea to pretend that things like the gdm background are configurable though)

No, but seems like an interesting idea. Will try.

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