Is this a GNOME problem or a Steam problem?

For some time now I’m having this issue: Steam opens a second tray icon when telegram-desktop's icon appears in tray · Issue #10462 · ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux · GitHub which the team of Steam on github marked as “window manager”. Since there’s no fix yet and since muffin is a fork of mutter (AFAIK), I decided to ask what do you, guys, think? A GNOME problem or Steam problem?

There is no code for tray icons in mutter and there are no tray icons on a default GNOME desktop. It is possible to add tray icons using gnome-shell extensions in which case the code for that would be part of the extension (with a tiny bit of support code on the shell side). So not a GNOME problem. Might be a Cinnamon problem or a Steam problem.

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