Is there no way to edit keyboard shortcuts?

I noticed that some applications, like Terminal, include the ability to edit keyboard shortcuts, but that this ability is somewhat rare among GNOME apps. KDE has a great shortcut editing platform that unites keyboard shortcuts from across the desktop environment, handling conflicts, as well.

As a user of a non-QWERTY keyboard and a user of GNOME in a language other than English, the default keyboard shortcuts don’t always make sense, and are in some cases fairly awkward. Furthermore, keyboard shortcuts aren’t consistent across applications. Closing Evince, for instance, is Ctrl+W, whereas closing most other apps is Ctrl+Q. I’m aware of the document/application distinction there, but from a practical standpoint, closing all the windows/applications on my desktop requires thinking about which shortcuts work for which apps: Ctrl+Q for Firefox, Shift+Ctrl+Q for Terminal, Ctrl+W for Evince, and so on. I would really like to have one central place to edit these.

I recently started a conversation with the Geary devs about just this issue, since I would really like to be able to use custom shortcuts in Geary.

Recently, many GNOME apps got a keyboard shortcut window that displays all shortcuts along with what look to me to be button-like key icons. Wouldn’t it’d be great if those key icons were clickable, such that clicking on one would allow one to edit it?

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